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What should I do if I lose my ID card?

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You should let the Library know you have lost your card immediately.  We can bar your card so no-one can borrow books on it without your permission. While your card is barred you will not be able to make renewals, place reservations etc so please ask us to renew any outstanding items before we bar the card. You should get a replacement card at a Student Hub as soon as possible.  There will be a charge for a replacement card. Please bring the new card to the Library Help Desk to activate the new card number for your Library account.

You should also let the Student Hub (or Security when the Hub is closed) know you have lost your card.  The Student Hub will remove access privileges from the card to prevent unauthorised access to Halls and other University buildings.

If you have not reported your card missing to the Library and Student Hub you may be liable for any costs that are incurred due to unauthorised use of your card, i.e. loss of or damage to University property, including Library books, dvds etc

for more information on lost ID cards go to
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