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How do I book a Group Study Room?

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Group Study Rooms - for students' use only

Aldgate Library has 11 non-bookable study rooms available 

4 study rooms on the ground floor (Wi-Fi)
5 study rooms with Collaborative Desks in each room on the 1st floor
1 group study room with 4 Collaborative Desks on the 2nd Floor
1 study room with 1 Collaborative Desk on the 3rd floor

Holloway Road has 4 bookable study rooms available

1 room on the Ground floor
3 rooms on the 2nd floor

CLICK  How do I book a library study room?

Group study rooms are bookable for a two hour period and are for students' use only.
The person who made the booking must collect a key fob from the library information desk to activate the booking.
f you do not collect the key fob within 15 minutes of the booking start time then your booking will be cancelled.

Please remember to return the key fob to the information desk on time at the end of your booking otherwise fines may apply.

Please Note: If the key is not collected within 15 minutes of the booking time, it will be cancelled.

Please Note: There is an overdue charge for the late return of the key to the Information Desk.

Please think of students coming in after you and keep the study room tidy and clean.

Only bottled water, no food or drink are allowed in study rooms.

Users found consuming hot drinks or eating in a study room may lose access to these rooms for up to 3 months.