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As a member of the public with no links to your university can I visit your library?

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What Services can we offer members of the public?

The library catalogue  which holds information about Library stock and is freely available via the web.

  •  Reference access to the print collections
  •  Use of study facilities excluding IT. There is no access to London Met e-resources.
  •  Help from Information Desks – staff at the Information Desk will be pleased to provide help in finding Library materials and use of equipment but this does not include specialist help from academic liaison librarians.
  •  Guest wireless computer access – There is no general access to IT facilities for external readers but the Library has a number of guest wireless access accounts available, valid until closing time on the date of issue. The accounts allow faster access to the internet. To use the guest wireless access accounts, you will need to bring your own laptop/netbook.
  •  Photocopying facilities within UK copyright restrictions and binding facilities: users wishing to use photocopy need to buy credit for their account. Account numbers can be obtained from the Library Information Desk. Credit cannot be refunded if not used


What are the charges?

1 year - £100

1 month - £25

1 week - £12

1 day - £7

Payments are made online via eShop

What are the terms and conditions?

All external users are subject to library regulations. Rules of appropriate library conduct must be observed by all library users. The Library reserves the right to withdraw the service where users are in breach of the Library regulations.

* Monthly, Weekly and Daily passes are available from the end of May.

* All library users must possess a current valid London Met Library ID.

* You must show your London Met Library ID each time you enter the Library.

* Library ID cards are for personal use only. 

* All applicants must be age of 18 or over.

How do I apply?

Please email the Senior Library Assistant at the library you wish to use with reasons for your application and an intended date and time for your first visit.


Please note that access to London Met libraries is at the discretion of the Senior Library Assistant or Library Manager.

Please bring the completed application form with relevant proof and you will be issued with a day pass or ID card for longer periods of access.

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