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How do I reserve a book that is on loan?

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  • If the item you want is unavailable as all copies are on loan, then you may place a reservation on the item and await the first copy that becomes available. Note: Those items with the status AVAILABLE are on the shelf for you to pick up yourself. Additional services are available to our users with disabilities
  • You can reserve any item available at another library.
  • If the item you reserved is popular you will be placed in an automated queuing system and will be emailed when it is ready for collection.
  • You are only able to reserve items that have a loan period of 1 or 3 weeks.
  • London Met students may only reserve a total of 4 items at one time, Sconul users can reserve 2 items at one time.
  • You cannot place more than 1 reservation against each item.


How do I place a hold?

To do this, search the catalogue to find the item you want, checking its availability. At the top of screen, a box to the left hand side offers the 'Reserve' option. If you have not already logged in to your library account you will be asked for your username and password. Enter your details, the library where you wish to collect the book and click the ‘Submit’ button. When the book is available you will receive an e-mail.

How do I collect my hold?

If you receive an email notifying you that your hold is available then you can collect it from the hold shelf. It will be shelved in alphabetical order of your surname. Once you have found the item you can borrow it using the Self Issue machine.